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reareaaaaa: Look at my last post. That is what I believe they would look something like, look!!!!

Loooool you’re mad man 🙈🙈 but thanks

reareaaaaa: YEAH SEE I TOLD U SO

Loool it’s debatable

Anonymous: Yeah she a stunner bro, y'all could never have ugly kids don't be silly yo

Hahaa you’re mad

Anonymous: I don't know y'all but is the chick y'all talking of URL stephtiara ?


reareaaaaa: Mixed babies are generally adorable and she is so pretty and your quite good looking and they most likely have green eyes and be gorgeous

Looool thanks

Anonymous: Do it. The world needs more beautiful babies!

Looooool he/she could come out ugly though

reareaaaaa: Can you two have babies pls

Sorry who are you loool

Anonymous: Hi on tumblr and found your page but for ages I wondering did u you and steph break up?! You were super cute you'd have beautiful kids don't know if u been told that :) my ex fancies her used to really annoy me lol! Oh and your blog is real good, Anyway bubyeeeeeeeee x

Yeah we did and lol thanks

Anonymous: Hey!! Your Riley aren't ya!!

I am indeed